FAQ's for expats

Rent or buy?

When it comes to renting versus buying a house, there is always an interesting debate about which option makes the most financial sense.

How does the Dutch tax system help me when I buy a house?

As all tax systems, the Dutch tax system is complex. Use your favourite search engine and look for ‘Deloitte Tax Highlights Netherlands’.

Do I need insurances when buying a property?

Home owner. This is indispensable when buying your own home. Not mandatory by law, but money lenders will insist that you take out this insurance.

What type of mortgages are common in the Netherlands?

A recent change of the fiscal law (2013) has changed the type of new mortgages that have been issued.

Where do I find a good real estate agent?

The better question is, do I need a real estate agent when buying a house? 

What different types of interest rates can I get on my mortgage?

When you take out a new mortgage, you can choose from different types of interest. Almost all Dutch mortgage providers will offer fixed and some offer variable interest rates.

How do I sell my house when I decide to leave The Netherlands?

Selling your house is probably not an everyday task. So make sure to hire an experienced real estate agent.

Am I allowed to rent out my own home?

As a home owner there might be a time when you don’t use the home yourself.

What is erfpacht and how does it work?

When the term erfpacht is used in an advertisement to sell a house, it refers to ground lease, ground rent or leasehold.

What is a VvE and what does it do?

A VvE is short for a vereniging van eigenaren. This is an association of sub-owners.

How do I buy a house or apartment in the Netherlands?

Especially for expats and starters it is important that you seek professional help and experience.

How do I sell a house or apartment in The Netherlands?

Selling a house is not an everyday business for most people.

Is there a housing bubble in the Netherlands?

A housing bubble describes the situation in which the value of something is very far ahead of the actual value.

What is a good website to use when I want to buy a house?

In the Netherlands, websites offering houses are your first step in the search for a new home.

Can I get financial advice as a monthly service?

Living abroad can be quite an experience and adventure. Everything tends be different from what you were accustomed to back home.

What is the difference between an advisor employed by a bank and an independent financial advisor?

There are two main categories of financial advisors in the Netherlands: the independent, the self-employed on one side and the sales advisor on the other side.

What does good financial advice cost?

Financial advice used to be ‘free of charge’ for consumers in the Netherlands.

Why do I need an employer’s statement?

An employer's statement (werkgeversverklaring) is a mandatory and essential part of a mortgage application that the lender uses to determine the income.

Can I get a mortgage as a self-employed freelancer?

Yes, in the Netherlands self-employed freelancers can get a mortgage to buy a house or apartment.

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