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Can I get financial advice as a monthly service?

Living abroad can be quite an experience and adventure. Everything tends be different from what you were accustomed to back home. Making the wrong choice at the local supermarket, cinema or restaurant can be funny and even hilarious. The consequences will probably be small and can be overseen. A wrong financial decision on the other hand can have a mayor impact. An impact that can be too great to handle.

With our Comfort Service Package you are assured of good advice at the right time with your own financial advisor. You can always contact us with all your financial questions and we will help you dealing with banks and insurers. That means that we:

  • manage and monitor your client file, whereby we signal and schedule important moments such as the end of the fixed-rate period and reaching the retirement age.
  • offer a free consultation during office hours.
  • answer the questions you ask us by e-mail as quickly as possible.
  • make the necessary adjustments to your existing insurance policies.
  • periodically send you newsletters with the latest financial news.
  • support you with questions for an accountant, the tax authorities or a notary.
  • support you with any complaints about your bank or insurer.
  • answer your questions about changes to your personal financial situation.

Once every two years you are entitled to a free service call and check of your personal situation. Together with you, we look at whether there are changes in your life or new products or legislation that (may) affect your financial situation. We make clear what that means to you financially. And not just today and tomorrow, but also for later, for example when you return to your home country. Our experience has told us that good financial advice can make the difference at the important crossroads in your life. Changes in your personal situation, but also changes in Dutch laws and regulations can have a major impact on your financial situation.

With the Comfort Service Package, available from €15 a month, you will be entitled to:

✔  Your own financial point of contact.

✔  24/7 monitoring of your mortgage.

✔  Reporting financial changes and news.

✔  Guidance, advice and assistance with interest rate adjustments.

✔  Guidance with claiming insurance in the event of death, unemployment and disability.

✔  Assistance with tax questions about your home.

✔  Yearly scan of your non-life insurance.

✔ Assistance when claiming in the case of damages to your belongings or property.

✔ Access to legal information.

✔ Annual comparison of your energy bill.