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How do I sell my house when I decide to leave The Netherlands?

Selling your house is probably not an everyday task. So make sure to hire an experienced real estate agent. The real estate agents at Van Bruggen Adviesgroep are familiar with the area, the price level on the local market and use this to ensure the right approach to achieve the best results. How do we help you? First of all we talk about your wishes, dreams and possibilities. Only then do you choose what the real estate agent will do for you: from one or more partial services to the complete sale. At Van Bruggen Adviesgroep you can choose. Do you want us to take everything out of your hands, from advice on the asking price and the presentation of the property to representing your interests in the negotiations and drafting the purchase contract? Or would you prefer to use our experience only on a specific service such as a sales strategy, supervising viewings or negotiating? Again, it is up to you. You also have a choice with regard to our rate: a fixed commission or a percentage that depends on the result.

There are also countless possibilities to bring your home to the attention of potential buyers. From taking professional photos and putting together information packs for interested parties to advertising in the local newspaper and participating in an Open House Day. Interested? We are happy to help you. Call 0800-1600 or, when calling form outside the Netherlands, +31- 88 - 088 5100 for an introduction or make an appointment.